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The Project EBC team are an adventurous bunch of fun loving, outdoor and fitness junkies. Our coming together as a team has been a story of chance/destiny it seemed, right from the start.

It’s highly unusual for a start for individuals to have a ‘trek to Base Camp’ on your bucket list, but to meet other people with the same goal is truly rare.  It all started with a ‘chance’ meeting in November 2016, at St Bathans (probably one of the remotest places in central Otago you could ever happen to bump into someone) where Mike shared his vision to trek to Everest Base Camp in 2018.  Tina's  response was "that's pretty awesome, I'd like to be part of that", and so, the first seed for Team EBC was planted. Mike and Tina had known each other via work connections having previously taken part in Mud, Sweat & Tears 10km race in 2012. Mike as business development manager at Ideal Electrical and Tina then at United Steel. Fast forward to January 2017 a second ‘chance’ meeting in a Takaka café while on holiday this time together with their partners and family, the ensuing adventure was gathering momentum.

Fergus, Mike’s work colleague became aware of the Project EBC adventure, and having wanted to travel to India then decided EBC was pretty attractive alternative! Fergus had tramped the Motatapu a few months prior and was exhilarated by the experience is now embarking on the NZ trail a 3,000km trek from Cape Reinga to Bluff, finishing in time for our March departure!

In March 17, as part of an Icebreaker speech to the ChCh Women’s Toastmasters Tina spoke of her plans to trek to Everest Base Camp, not aware that anyone was really listening, one person was, and it was Bette Chen.  Bette is the technology project lead/business analyst for Landpower and CLAAS Harvest Centres. Bette is passionate about adventure, a keen snowboarder and now serial runner. She has completed 2 marathons this year, only taking up the sport earlier in the year. After an initiation session (not really) trekking with the team up Rapaki we became the awesome foursome!

Since that time the team found an ally in trekking provider Ann Young at Trekking Adventures. The vision from the start was to not only trek to Base Camp but to contribute to the Sherpa community post-quake. Ann has had a long history in the area and as part of her business strongly believes in supporting the porters, guides and their families in the region and has successfully raised funds to support a porter’s family, since he tragically lost his life on the mountain after the deadly 2015 earthquakes.

We are all very much of one vision and one accord. Danuru our guide who lives in the Khumjung village and knows first-hand of our family’s plight, with guidance from Ann, has helped us become fully acquainted with our family’s needs and situation. Danuru is responsible for the photos of the family and their home that you see on this website.

It’s a big undertaking but each of the team along with their natural passion for the outdoors, brings their own unique talents, that are making the Project EBC vision a reality. Bette, talented techie, queen of the selfies, Go Pro and hash tags! Mike who is a Sydenham Rugby club supporter is a natural team builder. Tina who likes to organise, putting some of the ducks in a row and prepare the marketing material. Fergus who always turns up, and is keen as on all our pursuits, most notably running the half marathon in 2hrs 1min in a howling wind, with shoes that have more air holes than you can poke a stick at. He is now trekking the 3,000km NZ trail, his biggest physical challenge aside from EBC. 

We’ve become family as we’ve run, trekked, trained at altitude and shared meals together with our families. We want to share our experiences with you as we prepare and raise awareness for our deserving Sherpa family in need on Everest and help them get their home rebuilt.


Special Olympics Canterbury Acknowledgement


Mike's 'Tour de Montreal' fundraising campaigns over 6 years, in conjunction with Ideal Electrical for the Special Olympics have been highly successful. The Special Olympics team hold him with high regard. Please click the link below to view their heartfelt acknowledgement of his efforts over many years.

Mike Lowden - Special Olympics Acknowledgement.pdf