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Training, planning, fundraising all but a few of the preparations the Project EBC team have been working on. As part of our climb to base camp we are required to be fit and strong. In order for us to fit our training in with work and family life it has required us to be rather specialised in our approach.

Starting at Vertex Altitude training we have cycled and run in a simulated altitude chamber. With oxygen levels that mimic those of higher altitudes we have been able to artificially acclimatise our bodies to lower oxygen levels experienced at altitude.

Combining with our regular treks to the Port Hills, in September we found ourselves running the Mount Cook half marathon of which Bette a natural distance runner completed the full marathon with ease. Over the Xmas holiday period, Tina summited Mount Peel at 1,300 metres with commanding stunning views of the Canterbury plains. Whilst Fergus ventures the islands as he treks his way along the Te Araroa Trail. 

In order to reach our fundraising target and maximize support from sponsors we have joined forces with mountaineering hero Nick Allen. Nick has kindly agreed to speak at our fundraiser night held on the 17th February, delivering a speech on his recent book ‘To The Summit’ an inspiring read outlining the huge obstacles he has overcome. Suffering from Multiple Scheloris and in a wheelchair his yearning for adventure was too great to keep him there. With huge determination he reclaimed his climbing abilities and scaled the summit of Island Peak in the Himalayas. Nick’s grit, determination and courage greatly inspires us, as we embark on our unique adventure.